7/7/22: So Many Amazing Adoptions!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen so many wonderful adopters step up to provide loving forever homes to so many cats and dogs!
We are always grateful for those who are willing to add a loving new friend to their family. These pets provide a lifetime of unconditional love that is unmatched.

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Your donations are the very means of our existence! Without your help, many dogs and cats would have to be turned away! Our success depends on you!

Any amount you give – large or small makes a difference in the life of each and every cat and dog!

Please show your support and help us continue this important work today! Please donate today!

It’s all pointless unless they find a loving home for life!

AC PAW works hard to find a forever home for each and every one of the animals we rescue.

Search our database of adoptable pets and give a loveable cat or dog a forever home!

Please contact us today about this fun & rewarding experience and consider helping animals in need. Join our team of volunteers today!

Please fill out our foster interest form and we will be in touch!

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