The AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project supports feral cat colonies, helps to provide a better life.

Did You Know?

The AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project is continuing to care for the feral cat colonies that we have helped for many years.

We have completed many TNR projects over the years that helped to stop the overpopulation of these areas.

We know it is also our responsibility as good humans to help the cats live a better life. We provide food and shelter to these cats, making their daily survival a little easier.

It is important to remember, these cats did not ask to be dumped and abandoned. They started out as domesticated animals, dependent on humans to survive, but they had to become wild just to get through each day – thanks to humans who dumped them 🥹

With that said, if you would like to help us continue feeding these cats, please check out wish lists on Amazon and Chewy (links below. Or you can send us a donation to:

AC PAW, PO Box 94, Acme, MI 49610.

In addition, you will see other items listed. These are items that we will use to loan to the general public who bring animals to our spay/neuter clinics and don’t have the post-surgical items needed for their pet’s recovery.

Your help is appreciated beyond measure. 🥰

Chewy Wish List

Or just scan the QR Code with your phone to go directly to the Chewy list.

Amazon Wish List


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Your donations are the very means of our existence! Without your help, many dogs and cats would have to be turned away! Our success depends on you!

Any amount you give – large or small makes a difference in the life of each and every cat and dog!

Please show your support and help us continue this important work today! Please donate today!

It’s all pointless unless they find a loving home for life!

AC PAW works hard to find a forever home for each and every one of the animals we rescue.

Search our database of adoptable pets and give a loveable cat or dog a forever home!

Please contact us today about this fun & rewarding experience and consider helping animals in need. Join our team of volunteers today!

Please fill out our foster interest form and we will be in touch!

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