For nearly 30 years, AC PAW has been helping pets and their owners by providing dog and cat rescue through their adoption program. Now, the time has come to transform and bring focus to a part of their mission that has always been there, behind the scenes. It is time to put the spotlight on the true problem causing pet overpopulation. As part of the AC PAW mission statement, the organization always made sure every animal that came through its system was spayed or neutered prior to being adopted. This one action is the single best way to put a dent in the pet overpopulation problem that plagues the United States and in turn can ultimately stop the needless suffering of these helpless animals. 

It is a fact that spay and neutering of cats and dogs will save hundreds of thousands (or more) lives over the course of time. From stray and feral cats that are forced to live in the wild, fending off predators, suffering from disease and fighting for food, to dogs cramped up in cages at animal control facilities and in back yards developing fear and behavioral issues and so much more, these animals deserve better. Humans need to do better. That’s where The AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project steps in to assist pet owners with the cost of the procedures.  

Besides stopping unwanted pregnancy, sterilization of dogs and cats offers so many more benefits to owners and their pets. From decreasing or eliminating marking behaviors, aggressive behaviors, and roaming to preventing many painful medical issues like cancer, pyometra, urinary and bowel issues and so much more. 

Volunteers with The AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project are hard at work creating plans for low-cost spay and neuter clinics, meeting with veterinarians and fine-tuning their current ongoing voucher assistance program. In addition, there will be a strong focus on educating the public on the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets. 

Ongoing public support of this ever-important mission is greatly appreciated and vital to continue the program. AC PAW has always put high value on its supporters and friends – after all, that is the only way this important work can continue. Watch for the AC PAW email newsletter, visit, or visit their Facebook Page to see current news, hear about upcoming low-cost clinics and how to apply for assistance. Further, AC PAW is seeking out grant funding and is eager to talk with anyone that can help make those connections.


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It’s all pointless unless they find a loving home for life!

AC PAW works hard to find a forever home for each and every one of the animals we rescue.

If you would like to become a forever home to one of the many loving animals we have available for adoption, please fill out the pre-adoption questionnaire.


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