Overpopulation is a serious issue and no other activity has a greater impact than targeted spay and neutering.
The AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project offers low-cost assistance for spaying & neuter. Find out more or apply for assistance, at No Unwanted Pets
If you are unable to visit the NUP website, please use the following link to apply for assistance: 
Application for Assistance


Indifference, ignorance, and cruelty are at work every day. Our message of compassion, knowledge and advocacy must prevail.
If you would like to have our volunteers visit your school, business or community service organization, please contact us for more information!


AC PAW is no longer and animal rescue organization. 

If you are in need of assistance with re-homing a cat or dog, please see the following list of rescue organizations and get in touch with them directly to find out if they might be able to assist.
PLEASE NOTE: If you find a roaming dog or cat, it is state law that you contact the animal control facility in your county and report the found animal.

TC Paw Cat Rescue 231-714-4711
Munchkins Mission 231-360-0303 (cats)
Kelly’s Critters 231-590-0924 (cats)
Cherryland HS 231-946-5116
Great Lakes HS 231-846-8293 (dogs)
Tina’s Bed & Biscuit 231-645-8944 (dogs)
Missaukee HS 231-839-3800
Little Traverse Bay HS 231-347-2396
H.A.N.D.D.S to the Rescue 231-645-6040 (dogs)
Help from My Friends 231-533-4070
JUST CATS 231-674-5261

In addition to these rescue groups, you should always try to find help via your own network of family and friends, local humane societies, and animal control facilities along with reaching out to others via social media. 

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